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February 25, 2011

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List Of My PTC

July 2, 2010

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May 29, 2010

It’s a good day for everyone isn’t? You can work at your company or you can work as a merchant for your own shop. And… what? You don’t have any of them? You don’t know what you should do?

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Using Profit Copilot to Get Profit

March 26, 2010

You know what is the most important thing to get money in internet?
The people who is under you and always following you are is the most important in this business. All people in this affiliate business always thinking about how they can get many followers where they can get more money from their followers. It’s pity though, but that’s the reality.
But how can they attract people to follow them? They always using some good niche, words, advertising and so many other ways. And they always making them good with their web including their blog, site and forum.
So, here’s Profit Copilot, new launching site which offer internet marketing bootcamp for all people who needs them.
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January 5, 2010

hahaha dah lama gak ngepost jadi bosen

Update for my PTC list

December 7, 2009

I guess I should find some referral today and so on. You know, there’s no such a PTC that can goes on without their referrals. And so here I’m giving some information for u guys that want to be my referral.
I know, much of u don’t know about me. But I’ll try my best to provide some useful information so that u all don’t get caught on any scam PTC.

Some of PTC that I trust :




Marketing Crossing Review 2 ^^

November 24, 2009

Ok this is again a review about this site named Marketing Crossing, Are you a jobless person looking for a job based on:

International Marketing Jobs
International Marketing Jobs
Internet Marketing Jobs
Marketing Director Jobs
Marketing Executive Jobs
Marketing Management Jobs
Marketing Manager Jobs
Media Marketing Jobs
Sales Marketing Jobs
SEO Jobs

Well try this Marketing Croosing site, then!
This, in my review it’s a good site, I once surf this site and found that this site really has it’s ability to give people way to find job and employers who want to get a good quality workers. Easy to use tools, and so far this site doesn’t have any other bug that can slow down the site. Other than has a good design that gives people spirit to find other job, this have animated 3d layout that I favor to watch.
The team searching give the most appropriate opinion in which we can use to find a great job that we can apply on. Prove of the worthy from this site is display when you click the testimonial button. Which is so many people already found their job based on searching engine and subscription on this site. The subscribers can also stop the subscription once they already find their new job and that’s mean they shouldn’t pay some money anymore. A good deal isn’t?
If you want to send some of your opinion, reviews and your succesful story there’s the simple button to do that. All people can write all what they think about this site. Simple and practice.
But there’s also some of the marketingcrossing can’t do that’s they : will never charge employers to post jobs on thier site, they will never display advertising on their site, they will never wait for Marketing jobs to come to them, instead they will go out and find them, they will never be satisfied with existing technology and will always use every means at their disposal to track down and find Marketing jobs, and they will never be “corrupted” in how they display jobs and get information for you based on who pays and who does not

Well I think that’s all for today, I think you should come for yourself in this site